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Why Dealers are Switching to DealerAdmin.io

More Profit




Automated Claims

Easy Cancellations

Experience healthy growth and greater profit in your reinsurance company?

At DealerAmin.io it is all about streamlining the system, providing you better tools, automation and easier processes to help you get more out of your programs.

Lower Your Administration Fees by 30% To 60%

& Improve Cash Flow In Your Reinsurance Company.

How to Keep More of What You Make !

When you are locked into legacy systems you are leaving a lot at risk.

You waste enormous amounts of money on high fees.

Your people waste way too much time managing claims.

There is virtually no business analytics to help your dealership.

Cession Statements are confusing and unclear

It takes weeks to get your money back on cancellations

Remittance process resembles how we all paid bills 30 years ago...by hand.

Our Technology Gives You

The tools to be faster, better and more profitable.


You deserve reporting this is real time and helps you make better business decisions


Gone are the days of waiting weeks to see how much the refund is on a canceled agreement.


Fast & Efficient Vin Decoder and Automated Data Entry for Most Web Based DMS Systems.


Using latest technology our software incorporates automation to help you


With our Intelligent Invoicing you will save hours and have a compliant digital trail for Net Remits.


All the cost are laid out and nothing is buried in an Admin Fee

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What others say about DealerAdmin.io

Here is what our happy dealers our saying about us, but this is just a small praise, we have more to share when we connect.

For the Dealer who wants more control!

Allows the dealer to be their own Administrator.

DealerAdmin.io Takes the hard parts out of the administration process.

We believe nobody knows or can take care of your customer like you DealerAdminio.

  • More flexibility and control
  • We make Administration easy that you can do it with a fraction of labor time.
  • Provides the guide rails to assist you in keeping your program on track.

  • Realtime data to improve underwriting and claim reserves

  • Flexibility – You do the task you want, and you can outsource the rest to DealerAdmin.io

Why Dealers Like Admin in a Box?

More Profit

More Control

Direct connection

You can leverage Admin in a Box to experience the Next Generation in Finance & Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my current provider?

Yes, DealerAdmin.io is agnostic on which provider. You will need to gain their approval.

How are the claims handled?

Most claims are handled online, but if you need assistance with inspections or claims adjuster we can help or we will train your in-house person.

Who is responsible for depositing money into the reinsurance/reserve account?

This depends on the structure of your program. It can be your accounting team, ours or the underwriter/Insurance company if they are the Obligor.

Who pays the insurance/ underwriter of each program/agreement?

DealerAdmin.io is has a Payment Facilitation platform built into our program so your accounting team can process the payments or we can do it for you.

Can I have multiple programs with multiple underwriters?

Yes. DealerAdmin.io’s platform segregates all of this for you so you can focus on your business.

Who handles claims?

Most dealers choose to do it themselves for more control over the process, but we also can provide full-service claims support.

How does the claims process work?
  1. All the claims are started online. On mechanical claims, if the requested parts and labor estimates are within guidelines most claims are authorized in seconds. 
  2. Repair is completed the dealership sends an authorization to customer to sign off on the repairs and they are taking delivery.
  3. Claim is approved and processed within seconds.
  • Gap and other types of claims are done online and depending on the type of contract they are instantly approved or processed within a couple of days.
Who do I send the money to?

You will send the money to your clearing account through our platform where the individual payments will be disbursed based on the structure you have chosen for your dealership.

Who underwrites the program?

We have multiple underwriters depending on which one is the right fit for your dealership.

Who is the obligor on the agreements?

The obligor varies based on the structure you choose with the following choices. 1) The Insurance Company/Underwriter 2)DealerAdmin.io as the Administrator 3) Your Dealer Owned Warranty Company 4) Dealer Obligor

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