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leveraging advanced machine learning technology to make your life easier.

you are being trapped...

The landscape of the automotive business is changing rapidly, and as a dealer, you always have to stay one step ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, your administrator partners have you trapped in the world of legacy technology and outdated processes, wasting your time and increasing your Administration Fees on your finance and insurance products.

Lack of flexible systems

Every day, we saw dealers using systems that increase administration fees and make them do more work than necessary. Even though there are many platforms that are supposed to make the process easier, they are not flexible enough and don’t fully solve the problem.

Most notably, they don’t allow dealers to get solid reporting on claims by vehicle, model, miles, and the timing of the claims. Some users even go as far as to say that the cession statements do not make sense to them and that they lack necessary information.

but we have a solution was created to change the status quo and give you complete control over your business while increasing the satisfaction of both your employees and customers.


Our mission is to streamline everything we can, leveraging advanced machine learning technology. By getting rid of unnecessary manual task you can focus on what matters the most to growing your dealership, lower your Administration Cost and put more profit to your reinsurance company.

we automate your mundane manual tasks to give you a competitive edge.

To make your life easier, we set out on a mission to automate the mundane manual tasks to allow your team to get more done in less time. Provide you with software that delivers transparent reports quickly and makes it easy to see how the numbers add up for your programs and reinsurance.  What models are the most profitable, which have the most claims and when do those claims occur, will you give data that will give you a competitive edge.

we want you to get more done with less effort