Stop Out-Sourcing Your Finance & Insurance Administration.

Embrace the efficiency and control of Self-Managed Administration with “Admin in a Box.”

Have You Ever Been Frustrated by Third Party Administrators Who Still:


No need for third-party administrators or the overhead that comes with them. “Admin in a Box” offers you the tools to take charge of your finance and insurance administration, maximizing your profits and enterprise value. With our platform, leverage a streamlined admin process that scales with your business, complete with intuitive management software, detailed analytics, and smooth implementation—no hidden fees, no extra staff.


Tailored solutions for automotive excellence. Whether you’re an Auto Dealer, RV enthusiast, Powersports aficionado, or a dynamic BHPH Dealer, our comprehensive tools and services are crafted to empower your journey.

Auto Dealers

Auto Dealers

“Admin in a Box” revolutionizes the administrative side of the business by eliminating past barriers, making it easy for auto dealers of all sizes to take control. With us as your co-pilot, you’re guided every step of the way, ensuring a smooth ride toward efficiency and profitability.

RV Dealers

RV Dealers

For RV dealers inspiring travel and adventure, “Admin in a Box” simplifies your administrative journey. We’re your trusty navigator, offering tools that streamline your processes and let you focus on driving sales and creating unforgettable experiences for your customers.

Powersports Dealers

Powersports Dealers

Powersports dealers thrive on speed and excitement — and so does “Admin in a Box”. Our platform matches your pace, offering rapid admin solutions that keep your focus on the thrill of the sale. Let us handle the backend, so you can stay fast on the track of success.


Self-Management Services

Self-Management Services

Take full control and reap the benefits. With “Admin in a Box,” manage your finance and insurance products in-house and capture up to 80% of the profits. Our platform is designed for full autonomy, putting the power of administration directly in your hands.

Partnership Services

Partnership Services

Strike the perfect balance with shared responsibilities. Choose to co-manage your admin tasks with “Admin in a Box” and capture 40-60% of the profits. We provide the support and tools you need, while you stay in the driver’s seat.

Full-Service Administration

Full-Service Administration

Lean on us and save on costs. When you prefer to outsource, “Admin in a Box” offers comprehensive admin services, allowing you to save 20 to 30% on your administrative costs while you focus on sales and customer service.

Your Three-Step Blueprint for Taking Control

Empower Yourself with Our Three-Step Blueprint: Seize Control of Your Destiny


Discovery Call

Connect with our team for a personalized consultation to explore your dealership’s unique needs and the limitations of your current third-party administration.


Business Plan Proposal

Receive a customized proposal outlining how “Admin in a Box” will enhance your dealership’s profitability and operational efficiency, with clear steps and measurable outcomes.


Setup & Training

Transition smoothly with comprehensive setup assistance and targeted training, ensuring your team is fully equipped to maximize the benefits of “Admin in a Box.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my current provider?

Yes, DealerAdmin.io is agnostic on which provider. You will need to gain their approval.

How are the claims handled?

Most claims are handled online, but if you need assistance with inspections or claims adjuster we can help or we will train your in-house person.

Who is responsible for depositing money into the reinsurance/reserve account?

This depends on the structure of your program. It can be your accounting team, ours or the underwriter/Insurance company if they are the Obligor.

Who pays the insurance/ underwriter of each program/agreement?

DealerAdmin.io is has a Payment Facilitation platform built into our program so your accounting team can process the payments or we can do it for you.

Can I have multiple programs with multiple underwriters?

Yes. DealerAdmin.io’s platform segregates all of this for you so you.

Who handles claims?

Most dealers choose to do it themselves for more control over the process, but we also can provide full-service claims support.

How does the claims process work?
  1. All the claims are started online. On mechanical claims, if the requested parts and labor estimates are within guidelines most claims are authorized in seconds. 
  2. Repair is completed the dealership sends an authorization to customer to sign off on the repairs and they are taking delivery.
  3. Claim is approved and processed within seconds.
  • Gap and other types of claims are done online and depending on the type of contract they are instantly approved or processed within a couple of days.
Who do I send the money to?

You will send the money to your clearing account through our platform where the individual payments will be disbursed based on the structure you have chosen for your dealership.

Who underwrites the program?

We have multiple underwriters depending on which one is the right fit for your dealership.

Who is the obligor on the agreements?

The obligor varies based on the structure you choose with the following choices. 1) The Insurance Company/Underwriter 2)DealerAdmin.io as the Administrator 3) Your Dealer Owned Warranty Company 4) Dealer Obligor

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