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Experience healthy growth and greater profit in your BHPH Dealership?

At it is all about streamlining the system, providing you better tools, automation, and easier processes to help you get more out of your programs. helps you do four things.

Keep your customers paying

When the vehicle breaks, customers quit making their payments this can have a negative impact on your cash flow and profitability. DealerAdmin makes it easier for you to manage these claims and repairs to get the car back on the road faster and helping you lower your repossession rates.

Build Wealth through Reinsurance & Other programs.

With risk comes the opportunity for underwriting profit. Dealer admin provides the tools and the resources to not only help you manage those risk but also profit from them, whether through a reinsurance arrangement or through other profit-sharing programs.

Manage Cash Flow

With you don’t have to pay the full cost of the programs upfront.  You can pay as your customer makes the payments. This protects you from an unnecessary cash drain on your operation.

Protect your Collateral

The vehicle is the source of your equity in your portfolio, your profitability and livelihood. Whether it’s through cheap insurance that avoid paying claims or customers that let their insurance lapse altogether.  You know that you must protect your collateral to ensure the profitability of your dealership. Dealer admin makes it easier for you to protect your collateral with CPI, GAP, or Debt Cancellation.

Programs and Products





Limited Warranties

Limited Warranties

Debt Cancellation

Debt Cancellation

Service Contracts

Service Contracts

Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

Features & Benefits

Automated Claims

Our system is built from the claims backwards so when you file a claim our system already knows the coverage, the vehicle, the customer and who is filing the claim.  Stop wasting time being on hold and dealing with a claims process that is costing your time and money.

Service Contracts and Limited Warranties

First ever platform that can adjudicate a claim without a phone call and tell you the labor and part cost allowances for the claim.  Get an answer in 15 seconds.

CPI Claims

Gone are the days of taking 4 weeks to get a claim settled.  You can file a claim in 3 minutes and it be processed in 2 days or less.

GAP & Debt Cancellation Claims

Gap and Debt Cancellation Claims are done online and processed in 24 to 48 hours; not weeks.

Pay As You Go Programs

Instead of remitting all the cost of a contract upfront, you can spread the cost over the term of the contract, so you pay the “cost” of the contract as the customer pays you so you avoid the negative cash flow.


All contracts and agreements are generated from our platform.  We also use automation and integrations to save your time.  Dealers can complete multiple agreements in less than 5 minutes.  Helps reduce errors, makes it easier to edit mistakes or unwind agreements.


Data in a way you can use it. will allow you the ability to see the performance of all your programs, down to the model of the vehicle in a few clicks.  You can see the most frequent repairs; the mileage and what models are causing the issues.  This is updated daily and is easy to see and understand.

Integrated Inspections

You may have a customer that is out of town and before a claim is approved, you may want an inspector to look at the vehicle.  This can save you thousands in unnecessary claims.  You can get an inspection at the touch of a button.

E-Remit & Payment

It is like when you made the transition to online banking to pay your personal bills. makes it faster and easier to manage this part of the process.


Cancellations are done online and refunds are figured instantly.  If you are doing monthly remittance on contracts the cancellation is process immediately.  For traditional cancellations most are done in hours.

Built In Program Monitoring (Coming Soon) is keeping an eye on all your programs so if you have a program that is showing signs of potential problems the platform will notify you of the problem and specifically where to look down to the model of the vehicle.


Say goodbye to confusing cession statements with hidden fees and nonsense.  Our dashboard allows you to see all the numbers in a glance in an easy-to-understand format.

Dealer Testimonials

It use to take me 6 weeks or longer to get a CPI claims done, with I just did a claim in 2 ½ minutes.

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