Guranteed Asset Protection

Help bridge the GAP between the amount you owe and the amount your primary insurance company pays.

Why take chances with your investment?

Will you still be paying for your vehicle after it is gone? You probably assume that if your new vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair, you primary insurance coverage will pay off the remaining balance you owe.

Did you realize that the vehicle you just purchased starts to depreciate the moment you drive it off the lot?

You may be surprised to learn that the value your primary insurance company places on your vehicle, may be substantially less than the amount you actually owe.

The result is a financial “GAP” and YOU must make up the difference. This “GAP” Liability could cost you thousand of dollars.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) can be added to your loan contract. With GAP, you can help assure that you’re not held responsible for unmanageable ilability between your loan or lease obligation and what your primary insurance will pay.*



Your credit rating and the value of your vehicle are protected


You can ease the financial burden associated with the loss of your vehicle.

Peace of mind

Your worries about further financial loss are minized.


You are assured a positive financial transition and stability when it is needed most.

Benefits and eligibility may include:

Risk protection for new and used cars.

Deductible may be covered up to $1000.

Debt protected up to $50,000.

Protection for vehicles financed up to $125,000 at time of purchase.

Protection for the term of your loan/lease up to 84 months.

GAP Plus Option that may include $1000 towards the purchase of a new vehicle.*

How do i get GAP Protection?

Simply ask for an acceptance form. No separate cash payment is required since the cost for GAP can be added to your loan.

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Guranteed Asset Protection

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