Integrated Systems for Cancellations in the Dealership: Eliminating Bottlenecks and Delays

In today’s fast-paced world, time is a valuable commodity. This is especially true in the dealership world, where every minute can make a difference. One area where time can be wasted is in the processing of cancellations. Most administration companies are still using legacy systems that are not integrated, which can lead to increased labor and longer processing times. This not only increases the admin expense but can also delay the time it takes for customers to receive their refunds. These delays create extra phone calls from the customer wanting to know the status which means your people have to stop what they are doing and make phone calls, send emails, or possibly both.  All of this adds no value, generates no income, and is an expensive activity to your bottom line.

DealerAdmin’s solution to this problem is the use of its integrated systems. Because the platform was built from the claims backward, allowing cancellationsto be streamlined, done 100% online, and processed in a day. This can reduce the amount of manual labor required and can speed up the time it takes to process the cancellation and reduce unnecessary phone calls from the customer.

In addition to reducing labor and processing times, integrated systems can also improve the accuracy of cancellations. By providing a central repository for information, integrated systems can help to ensure that all of the necessary data is available and up-to-date. This can help to avoid mistakes and can ensure that customers receive their refunds as quickly as possible.

Overall, the use of integrated systems can greatly improve the process of cancellation in the automotive industry. By reducing labor and processing times, and improving accuracy, these systems can help to save time and money, while also providing a better experience for customers.

Bart Carpenter

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