Revolutionizing Finance & Insurance Programs

Explore the cutting-edge world of, where innovation seamlessly intertwines with efficiency, redefining the landscape of Finance & Insurance Administration.

Our platform is purpose-built to streamline operations, amplify profitability, and elevate customer satisfaction for dealerships.

Our Core Capabilities

Automated Claims Processing

Witness the dawn of a groundbreaking era with our industry-leading automated claims processing—approve many claims in under 10 seconds. In a world where time equates to profit, our solution minimizes wasted time and improves operational efficiency.

Swift Cancellation Processing

Experience a paradigm shift as cancellations are swiftly processed within hours, not weeks. Our proprietary technology, coupled with built-in automations, simplifies the cancellation process, alleviating the burden on your staff and enhancing the customer experience.

Transparency in Financial Transactions

Seamlessly achieve unparalleled clarity and trust in every financial interaction through our intuitive platform, accessible with just a few clicks.

Efficient Money Management

Integration of payables within translates to fewer errors, expedited processing, and refined reporting, optimizing your financial workflow.

Advanced Risk Management Tools

Rely on our cutting-edge tools to not only fortify the pillars of your Finance & Insurance Programs, but also chart a course toward sustained success. Our platform diligently monitors every program weekly, empowering proactive decision-making by staying ahead of potential risks or claims issues.

Multiple Underwriters

Embrace the unique advantage of multiple underwriters, tailoring programs precisely to align with your dealership’s distinct needs and expectations. This flexibility ensures a personalized approach that resonates with your business objectives and customer demographics.

Versatile Financial Structures accommodates a spectrum of financial structures, including Direct Write, Retro, Reinsurance, Dealer Obligor, and Dealer Owned Warranty Company. Additionally, we specialize in Premium Advances, offering an array of options to empower dealerships in choosing the financial arrangement that seamlessly aligns with their operational model and strategic vision.

"Ready to Lead the F&I Revolution?"

Our trailblazing platform gives you the tools, resources and technology to create more profit and better customer satisfaction. Why settle for the status quo when offers a gateway to innovation and success? 

Would you be opposed to exploring how you can take your dealership’s success to the next level ?— the conversation begins with your decision.”

Trusted by Dealers Nationwide

Since switching to we have more control, transparency into all our programs. Their technology is easy, efficient and gives us the tools we need.

Jon Sayers

Jon Sayers

Clear Choice Automotive

You can tell was built by car people who understand retail and finance departments. They systematically make all the pain points better or completely go away.

 Amin Hussain

Amin Hussain

USA Direct Auto

We love the technology, it is easy to use, efficient processes, and most of all they answer the phone when we need something. It is just easy!

Richie Mercer

Richie Mercer

Mercer Motor Company

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