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Introducing our RV Essentials Complete Protection Plans, the ultimate solution for safeguarding your towable vehicle. With our plans, you can rest easy knowing that your RV towable is protected from unexpected repairs and maintenance costs.

Ensure the joy with us

We all get a RV for different reasons :

Whatever your reason, we want you to maximize the joy you get from your RV as much as possible.

Your RV is like a house on wheels with many moving parts and different complexities when it comes to making things work properly.  When they break it can be harder to fix and a bigger hassle than an ordinary repair.  We want to help you minimize the risk and hassle of owning a RV so you get all the enjoyment you can from your adventures.

Our Protection Plans

We go beyond traditional practices to safeguard your RV.

Essentials Coverage (Coach)

Provides a convenient and comfortable way to travel, as it combines all the amenities of a home, such as a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping quarters, with the ability to travel to different destinations.


Thermostat; thermo coupler; 2 or 3-way cooling unit; burner assembly;
igniter; control panel; switches; fittings; connections; PC board.


Compressor; condenser; evaporator; accumulator; expansion valve;
capacitators; relays; thermostat; heat strips; heat pump; control panel;
switches; receiver-drier; blower motor fans; fan motor; fans; bathroom
vent motor; high/low cut off switch; pressure cycling switch; electronic
module; ducts; ductwork.


Factory Installed, or Factory Approved Dealer Installed: All internally
lubricated parts of the power plant engine; starter; switches; hour
meter; voltage regulator; power converter; inverter; PC boards; interior
monitor/control panel; generator assembly; cylinder block and head if
damaged by the Failure of an internally lubricated part.


Shower; toilet; sink(s); holding tanks; gate valves; fittings; connections.


Factory Installed, or Factory Approved Dealer Installed. SLIDE-OUT
BOOT – Factory Installed, or Factory Approved Dealer Installed.


Factory Installed, or Factory Approved Dealer Installed: The following
non-in dash components: stereo receiver; compact disc player; cassette
player (excluding speakers).


Coverage for a forementioned components. Fluids, lubricants
and Freon will be covered when required in conjunction with a
covered repair. Sales tax will be paid whenever applicable.


Burner assembly tank; thermostat; thermo coupler; gas valve; heating
elements; fittings; connections; electronic ignition assembly; wiring
harness; control panel; switches; PC board.


Furnace igniter; burner assembly; thermo coupler; gas valve; thermostat;
blower motor; heat pump; heat strips; fan motor; fans; fittings; connections;
ducts; ductwork; PC board.


Water pump; compressor; water tank; water lines; traps; fittings;
connections; faucets.


Burner assembly; thermostat; thermo coupler; burner valves; microwave
oven; convection oven; power hood; fittings; connections; ignition
assembly; PC board.


Power step motor and power step control module; interior
monitor/control panel.


Regulators; gas bottles (except valves and gauges); mounting brackets;
pigtails; gas lines; fittings; connections; automatic shut-off system.


We will cover the necessary Costs of repairs for any Breakdown to Your
RV, less the Deductible. Included in this coverage is the Replacement of
covered components resulting from the gradual reduction in performance
due to normal wear and tear and use when the wear exceeds the
manufacturer’s specifications.

Supplementary Benefits

Take your coverage to the next level with our Supplementary Benefits! Our additional coverage options provide an extra layer of protection for your peace of mind. With options such as:

Rental Expense

“Don’t let a transportation failure ruin your day! Rest easy knowing that in the event of a covered failure, we’ve got you covered. We’ll reimburse you for substitute transportation, so you can keep moving. And with reimbursement rates based on national repair manual labor time, you can trust that you’re getting a fair deal. Plus, with maximum reimbursement amounts listed, you’ll always know what to expect. Don’t let unexpected expenses slow you down.


You will be reimbursed up to the amounts listed below per day for a maximum of three (3) days for expenses for
meals (restaurants only) and lodging (hotel/motel only) (except where prohibited by law) incurred if:
1. You cannot utilize RV/Unit due to a mechanical Failure, covered under this Contract and the RV/Unit is more than one hundred (100)
miles from home; and
2. Meals and lodging are required because the mechanical Failure, as defined, causes a delay en route. The date of the mechanical
Failure shall be considered the first day of the three (3) day maximum period. The expense must be incurred between the time of
the Failure and the time when repairs are completed, or by the end of the third calendar day subsequent to the mechanical Failure
if the repairs are not completed, whichever occurs first.


In the event of a Failure of a covered part, You will be reimbursed up to the amounts listed below per occurrence for
service call charges in addition to normal parts and labor charges.


In the event of a Failure of a covered part that causes a delay that is more than three (3) days, We will
reimburse You up to the amounts listed below for air transportation expenses. You must provide a receipt.


We will reimburse You up to the amounts listed below if Your refrigerator breaks down due to Failure of a covered
part where service is not available for twenty-four (24) hours or longer, and food spoilage occurs. You must provide a receipt.


In the event Your RV/Unit experiences a Failure due to a fuel tank Failure or requires fuel to be drained due to Failure
of a covered component, We will reimburse You up to the amounts listed below for fuel and/or L.P. gas replacement. You must provide
a receipt.


In the event of a Failure of a covered part, We will reimburse You up to the amounts listed below for actual expenses
for domestic pet removal, transporting, handling and boarding. You must provide a receipt.


In the event your battery fails and can’t accept a charge according to battery manufacture
specifications, we will reimburse you up to $150 per battery with a maximum of 2 battery claims over the life of the contract.
Exclusions are freezing, overcharging, electrical surge or lack of proper maintenance.

Optional Coverages

These Coverages allow you to choose the coverage that’s right for you and enjoy peace of mind on your next adventure.

Anti-Aging Protection

Let’s face it, you want to keep your RV looking young and beautiful as long as possible.  Why wouldn’t you?  Better resale value. Some Parks will not let you in if you have a faded and worn down RV.  Easier to Clean. Makes you Feel Better.

Sorry we don’t have this for humans yet. ;0)


Are you looking to protect your investment in your dream RV? Look no further than Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) coverage! GAP insurance covers the gap between the outstanding loan balance on your RV and its current market value in the event of an accident, theft, or other covered event. Don’t let a total loss leave you owing more on your loan than your RV is worth. Add GAP coverage to your RV financing package today and rest easy knowing that your investment is protected.

Protect your money and enjoy the ride

When you trust us with your Towable, you can sleep well and enjoy your Towable because you know you are protecting not only your Towable, but also your financial well being.

Be faster, better and more profitable

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